Automated machine tending to run multiple OP10/OP20 parts on your CNC mill.

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Take the Complexity out of Automated Machine Tending

Practical for the Job Shop

Why the VBX-160?

  • Run up to 4 different OP10/OP20 parts
  • Easily add new parts with no robot programming
  • No turnover station (or grippers) needed
  • Pivots for easy access to CNC machine

Patented MultiGrip™ Workholding

Automate multiple OP10/OP20 part numbers in high-mix, low-volume manufacturing.

  • Automation Ready
  • Pick up your unique part
  • No need for a turnover station or gripper changes

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Pricing Information



Payload: 6.6 lbs
(top jaws + part)

(1) Schunk KSP-LH-PLUS-160 vise compatible with MultiGrip™
(1) MultiGrip™ base jaw
(1) 1.0" Top jaw



Payload: 21.6 lbs
(top jaws + part)

(1) Schunk KSP-LH-PLUS-160 vise compatible with MultiGrip™
(1) MultiGrip™ base jaw
(1) 1.0" Top jaw

MultiGrip™ Accessories

1.0" Top jaws:
$79 each

MultiGrip™ base jaws (7 additional max):
$449 each

Schunk KSP-LH-PLUS-160 vise compatible with MultiGrip™:
$7,995 each

Universal Part Locators

Optimize part capacity based on part width by simply positioning the locators to allow for 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8 parts per shelf.



VBX Series Shelves

Part Capacity
< 3.8" in height
Max Part Width Max Part Depth
109 parts 2.5" 8"
81 parts 4.0" 8"
67 parts 5.5" 8"
53 parts 6.5" 8"
40 parts 8.5"* 8"

*Round part max part width 7.5"

Load & Go VBX Series Specifications

Part Dimension (w x d x h)
Up to 8.5" x 8.0" x 8.8"
MultiGrip Vise Support
Up to 3 vises per CNC
Max Reach (from inside VBX-160)
Power Requirements
VBX Series Footprint
53" x 53" x 78"
Main. Compressed Air
90-120 PSI
1,500 lbs
VBX-160 Payload
6.6lb (top jaws + part)
VBX-260 Payload
21.6lb (top jaws + part)
Rinse bucket and drier for coolant
Live camera for monitoring
A VBX Series Load & Go includes (1) Schunk KSP-LH-PLUS-160 vise and a set of top and base MultiGrip™ jaws.
Corner pivot to allow access to CNC machine

* Round part max part width 7.5"


Looking for Manuals and Documentation?

Head to our docs page for manuals and other resources to make operating the VBX-160 as simple as possible.

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