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Starting at $129,900

  • Run up to 4 different OP10/OP20 parts
  • Easily add new parts with no robot programming
  • Easy access to CNC machine
  • Robotic automation for larger payloads

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A revolutionary way to pick up and turn over parts

No need for gripper changes, because the robot uses the MultiGrip™ jaws to pick up parts. The MultiGrip™ jaws easily connect to the Schunk vise. Just change the top jaws like you would in a hand-loaded process.

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Product Information



Payload: 17.6 lbs
(top jaws + part)
or 16lb part

(1) Schunk KSP-LH-PLUS-160
vise compatible with MultiGrip™
(1) MultiGrip™ base jaw
(1) 1.0" Top jaw

MultiGrip™ Accessories

1.0" Top jaws:
$129 each

MultiGrip™ base jaws
(7 additional max):
$499 each

Schunk KSP-LH-PLUS-160
vise compatible with MultiGrip™:
$7,995 each

Load & Go RCX Series Specifications

Part Dimensions (w x d x h)
Up to 8.5" x 8.0" x 9.0"
Max. Part Weight
Parts Per Shelf
3, 4, 5, 6, or 8 parts
Total Parts
Up to 288 parts
Power Requirements
240VAC / 20A / 60HZ / 3PH
Touchscreen control
Main. Compressed Air
35SCFM min.
No robot programming required
Floor Space (L x W)
8' x 9' - Layouts
Less than 5 minutes to set up a new part
Overall height with robot
Area scanner for safety and accessibility
3,000 lbs
Video instructions are easy to understand in any language
Robot Arm
Fanuc M10id/12

RCX Product is still in development. Specifications are subject to change.

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