B&B Gear and Machine Co.

Kurt Brinson of B&B Gear and Machine Co. describes how the AWR saves his shop time and money in the manufacturing process.

Toolrite Manufacturing

Mike Budde improved his production output by implementing the VBX-160 in his shop

Kremin Inc. Review

Mike Grossi rates the RC a 5/5 in this in-depth machining review.

Gilco Manufacturing, Inc.

See how Gilco Manufacturing Inc. increased their production and reduced downtime with the VBX-160 by Automation Within Reach. 


The Load&Go has been incredible for our production process with minimal human input.  Lights out machining has been one of the biggest benefits it’s brought to our operation.  It tends a family of 10 parts with a variety of sizes and materials.  The Load&Go isn’t replacing any of our employees; rather, it frees them up for other responsibilities in the production process."

- Craig


The Load & Go has improved our set up times tremendously with its easy to use HMI screen."

- Dustin


It helped us meet on-time delivery and a higher demand from our customers. It also helped reduce the lack of efficiency due to employees calling off or missing work or also just the shortage of employees that we currently have, and it's been phenomenal."

- Kurt

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