Be it product knowledge, or help preparing a quote, we urge you you to reach out by utilizing the contact us form or at info@automationwithinreach.com. In the meantime here's a list of questions we're frequently asked, with some helpful answers.

Is the Load & Go moveable?

Yes, the Load & Go can be moved via a pallet loader to another CNC mill or lathe.

Is my CNC mill or lathe compatible with Load & Go?

To confirm your specific CNC machine, please contact our sales team.  In general, an auto door, robot machine interface, and air blow are required for a Load & Go machine tending system.  However, we routinely recommend solutions for machines that do not have these options as standard.

Is there a warranty?

Yes.  There is a 1- year warranty against defect, programming errors, and the Fanuc robot. Contact our sales team for more detail on our warranty statement.

What is the lead time?

Contact our sales team for the latest lead time. 

Is the Load & Go designed for low volume, high mix production?

Yes, and more.  Setting up a new part is simple, quick, and flexible.  At most, a changeover requires a template and gripper pin adjustment; before running the next part.

How does the Load & Go handle different sized diameter parts?

The Drawer series has a sliding template that handles diameters from ½” to 5” (12.7mm - 127mm).

The Rotary series has several template options to accommodate diameters up to ½” to 5” (12.7mm to 127mm).

When will we receive training?

During installation, your team will be trained to operate and run parts.

Will my specific part setup be included?

If a part is approved beforehand, we can teach you how to set up that part.  Our user experience is designed to be simple and requires minimal training.

Power requirements?

A dedicated power line with 240V AC/ 20A/ 60Hz/ 3phase is required to power the Load & Go. 

Is the Load & Go safety compliant?

Yes, the area scanner in the Load & Go DC and RC Series fulfills the following safety regulations:

  • EN62061 (SIL2 / SILCL2)
  • EN ISO13849-1
  • 2015 (PLd, Category3)

How do I order a Load & Go?

Our team will walk you through the ordering process. Please visit the contact us page or email info@automationwithinreach.com