Automated rotary cell machine tending for your CNC lathe.

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Why the Load & Go?

  • Easy to use without experience
  • No robot programming
  • Flexible for different part sizes
  • Massively increases machine utilization

Rotary Cell Load & Go Robot Options



Dual part loading - 9lb
Single part loading - 18lb



Dual part loading - 18lb
Single part loading - 36lb



Dual part loading - 32lb
Single part loading - 64lb

ROTARY_ST20_JULY19_3 RC_LB3000_0719 RC_ST20_0719 ROTARY_LB3000_JULY19_2

Load & Go RC Series Specifications

OD Diameter Range
0.5" - 5.0"
*up to 8.0" OD available
ID Diameter Range
1.4" - 4.0"
*up to 8.0" ID available
Part Length Range
0.75" - 11.0"
2" Template
146 Total Parts
3" Template
74 Total Parts
4" Template
42 Total Parts
5" Template
28 Total Parts
6" Template
20 Total Parts
Templates available to 8.0" OD parts
Power Requirements
240VAC / 20A / 60HZ / 3PH
Touchscreen control
Main. Compressed Air
80 PSI
No robot programming required
Floor Space (L x W)
70" x 108"
Less than 5 minutes to set up a new part
Overall height with robot
Area scanner for safety and accessibility
2,000 lbs
Video instructions are easy to understand in any language

* Additional features to handle larger parts or utilize a turnover station are available

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