Load & Go DC Series

Automated drawer cell machine tending for your CNC lathe.

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Why the Load & Go?

  • Easy to use without experience
  • No robot programming
  • Flexible for different part sizes
  • Massively increases machine utilization

Drawer Cell Load & Go Robot Options



Dual part loading - 9lb
Single part loading - 18lb
Drawer payload - 200lb



Dual part loading - 18lb
Single part loading - 36lb
Drawer payload - 300lb



Dual part loading - 32lb
Single part loading - 64lb
Drawer payload - 400lb

Additional template and gripper options available for extended capabilities.

DC_ST20_0719_1 Gosiger_Drawer_LB3000_Update_View001 DC_ST20_0719 DC_LB3000_0719_1

Load & Go DC Series Specifications

OD Diameter Range
0.5" - 5.0"
*up to 8.0" OD available
ID Diameter Range
1.4" - 4.0"
*up to 8.0" ID available
Part Length Range
0.75" - 7.0"
Total Parts
92 parts
*up to 180 parts available with optional template
Total Parts
92 parts
Standard (4 drawers contain 23 parts each)
Total Parts
180 parts*
Up to 180 parts available with optional template
Power Requirements
240VAC / 20A / 60HZ / 3PH
Touchscreen control
Main. Compressed Air
80 PSI
No robot programming required
Floor Space (L x W)
70" x 103"
Less than 5 minutes to set up a new part
Overall height with robot
Area scanner for safety and accessibility
2,000 lbs
Video instructions are easy to understand in any language

* Additional features to handle larger parts or utilize a turnover station are available

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