A revolutionary way to pick up and turn over parts.

No need for gripper changes because the robot uses the MultiGrip™ jaws to pick up the parts. The MultiGrip™ jaws easily connects to the Schunk vise. Just change the top jaws, exactly like you would in a hand-loaded process.


MultiGrip™ Workholding


How It Works


Automation ready.

Replaceable top jaws snap easily onto the Multigrip base jaws. The robot grips the base jaws and loads them onto the vise.


Pick up your unique part.

Your unique parts are picked up by machined top jaws.


No need for a turnover station.

The VBX-160 with Multigrip turns the part over from OP10 to OP20.


No need for gripper changes

Just change the top jaws, exactly like you would in a hand loaded process

The best workholding solution for your CNC machining center.

This automation-ready system is built to utilize the workholding as the gripper jaws when handling a part. This allows for a quick transfer between OP10 and OP20 for jobs requiring both.