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How AWR helped RAM Precision Industries overcome their challenges and increase production.

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RAM Precision Industries (RAM), a high precision tooling manufacturer, focused on quality, customer service and delivering products which exceed customer’s expectations.

Founded in 1974, RAM is a leader in leveraging the latest state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities utilizing proprietary technology. RAM delivers solutions for the beverage and food container, medical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, oil & natural gas, and aerospace industries. Their products include high mix, low volume, high precision manufacturing capable of holding tolerances as close as one micron (.00004 inch).

RAM is faced with the same challenges many other manufactures have today which is to “do more with less”.



The Challenges:

  • “Meet customer demands by providing quality products, when customers need them and at a competitive price.”
  • “Focus is to increase capacity, improve production methods, reduce costs, and deliver superior products.”

RAM’s traditional manual manufacturing method provided them with “limited daily run time times based on shared resources and people, along with no unattended run time due to short cycle times.”

How we helped:

To overcome daily challenges, RAM looked toward automated systems to improve their spindle utilization. As they researched automation for a job shop, they knew flexibility was key to their success. They had been presented with several solutions; however, none were flexible enough until they were introduced to Automation within Reach (AWR). The AWR system offered increased flexibility with the standard package which can handle parts from ½” – 5” in diameter and from 1” – 7” OAL.

The DC-2 offered the flexibility they needed and the “opportunity to challenge current processes and increase overall production throughput.” RAM realized a 290% increase in production on any given day over their manual processes by having the ability to run around the clock with no labor present.

RAM partnered with Automation Within Reach based on “confidence in their experience and strong relationship.” The relationship between RAM and AWR has evolved into a “strong strategic and supportive partnership.”

Information for AWR products can be obtained on the website at or by contacting AWR at 937.586.5062.



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RAM Precision Industries, a precision tool manufacturer, focused on quality, customer service and delivering products that exceed expectations.