Automation Within Reach adds Versabuilt VBX-160 to the product line

Load & Go VBX-160

Dayton, OH – Automation Within Reach is proud to announce the addition of the VBX-160 to its product line. Using MultiGrip™ technology from VersaBuilt, the Load & Go VBX-160 delivers easy-to-use, accurate, repeatable, and reliable automation for all shops, particularly high-mix, low-volume manufacturing. Designed for multi-operation milled parts, the VBX160 with VersaBuilt Multigrip workholding makes the transition from handloading to automated loading easy, intuitive, and affordable.

A product of Dayton, Ohio based Automation within Reach, the Load & Go VBX-160 is simple to install and operate, using an intuitive easy-to-use interface that eliminates the need for advanced programming skills. The Load & Go VBX-160 is a compact and self-contained unit; the installation consists of simply locating the unit opposite the door of the CNC machine it tends. The system pivots away for easy access to the CNC machine.

The Load & Go VBX-160 will be introduced during Gosigerfest 2019 held at Gosiger, headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. AWR will begin taking orders in September 2019 with delivery in the first quarter of 2020.

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