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An accessory for your proven CNC machine, the Load & Go solution brings modern-day design and user experience to manufacturing and delivers:



of use through an interactive user interface that is simple and approachable



to accommodate a wide variety of part sizes and shapes



from a product built with high quality components designed with state of the art technology by experienced engineers



derived from increased productivity and reduced direct labor costs

Introducing the VBX-160!


The Load & Go VBX series delivers easy-to-use, accurate, repeatable, and reliable automation for all shops including high-mix, low-volume manufacturing.

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"The Load & Go's aren't taking jobs from people; what they're doing is they're filling the spots that we can't fill with the current work force that's out there to hire. The Load & Go doesn't miss work; it doesn't take breaks; it doesn't take lunch; it will run through all of it. It's increased efficiency dramatically."

Kurt Brinson, B&B Gear and Machine Co.

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RC Series

The Load & Go RC series tending system makes automated machine tending simple and practical for the job shop. Its flexible design lends itself to a very wide variety of part sizes and its simple operation makes it practical even in low volume high mix environments.

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DC Series

The Load & Go DC series machine tending system holds a wide variety of part sizes in a very compact footprint reducing labor and eliminating errors associated with manually loading parts.

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