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Why Automation Within Reach?

  • AWR has over 40 years of automation experience
  • We are an authorized FANUC systems integrator
  • Our team consists of experienced engineers who have serviced over 2,500 machine tools
  • With service teams across the country, we can provide quality local support
  • We pride ourselves in our ability to create reliable and versatile products at an affordable price point

AWR Product Line

AWR's machine tending robots can increase job shop productivity and even fill a machinist position in an extra shift for lights-out manufacturing.

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Use the Drawer Cell to tend your lathe CNC machines.


Lathe Tending
Part Length: 0.75 - 6.75"
Part Diameter: 0.5 - 8.0"
Max Part Weight 32lbs

DC Series

Use the Rotary Cell to tend your lathe CNC machines.


Lathe Tending
Part Length: 0.75 - 11.0"
Part Diameter: 0.5 - 5.0"
Max Part Weight 32lbs

RC Series

Use the VBX to tend your mill CNC machines.


Mill Tending
Max Part Height: 8.8"
Max Payload: 6.6lb
Max Capacity: 104 parts


Use the RCX to tend your mill CNC machines.


Mill Tending
Max Part Height: 9"
Max Payload: 25lb
Max Capacity: 288 parts


"AWR products aren't taking jobs from people; they're filling the spots that we can't fill with the current workforce that's out there to hire. The AWR DC doesn't miss work; it doesn't take breaks; it doesn't take lunch; it will run through all of it. It's increased efficiency dramatically."

Kurt Brinson, B&B Gear and Machine Co.

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