Setting Up Parts on the AWR VBX with No Robot Programming

The Automation Within Reach VBX Series is designed to make mill machine tending easy. You can automate OP10/OP20 parts with the exclusive MultiGrip™ workholding. With the ability to automate up to four different 2-operation parts, the part setup process can seem complex, but you can fully set up the VBX with no teach pendant and no robot programming. 


Shelves and Part Locators

AWR_VBX_SETUP_BLOG_PART_LOCATORS_21NOVThe VBX accommodates 4 or 8 shelves, depending on the height requirements of your parts. The part locators help you optimize each shelf’s part capacity. Here’s how the part locators work:

  • Number markings on the shelves act as a guide for placing part locators.
  • The numbers correlate to how many parts will fit per shelf if locators are placed at the respective mark.
  • Line up the locators with the end of the markings to achieve accurate spacing.
  • The VBX shelves allow for 3, 4, 5, 6, or 8 parts per shelf.

Loading the VBX

AWR_VBX_SETUP_BLOG_PARTS_21NOVThe VBX can be loaded and unloaded during operation without having to pull it away from the CNC machine. To load a part, push it forward and to the left, flush with the part locator. This sets the pick position for the robot.

The MultiGrip™ workholding consists of basejaws and interchangeable topjaws.

  • The machinable topjaws are what holds the part for each machining operation.
  • The topjaws snap onto the basejaws
  • Place the loaded jaws into a slot on the top shelf.
  • The VBX allows you to queue up to 4 different OP10/OP20 parts at a time.

User Interface

AWR_VBX_SETUP_BLOG_UI_21NOVAdding a new part:
Click on “Configurations” in the menu. Add new jaws for your part, then set up a new part. Enter all the information of the part into the system and save it.

Configuring shelves with the UI: 
Click on “Settings” in the menu. Select the template you set up for each shelf in each rack.

Starting a job:
Enter a name for your job, supply the part number, and add the count. Once you add the job, mark in the grid where your jaws are located and where your parts are loaded, from right to left, top to bottom. You can add different parts into the queue until you are out of space.

Automation Made Easy

The VBX makes mill tending easy with customizable shelves, easy shelf access, and a user interface that negates any need for robot programming. Designed to eliminate wasted time and labor, the VBX series can free up your machinists for more important work while it automates machine tending for multi-operation parts!

If you think automation might be a good fit for your operation, we will gladly provide a demo of the VBX running your part.

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