Resume of a Robotic Machine Operator: An Infographic

In today’s job market, the manufacturing world is seeing a decrease in new machinists entering the workplace, which could leave you short on labor. Existing machinists may have to pick up the slack, and it’s possible that they may end up feeling mismanaged or overworked. The best proactive approach is to supplement your machinists with robotic automation. For your next machinist opening, consider a new type of resume:


The Load & Go


The objective of the Load & Go is simple: to be successfully implemented into a CNC machine shop floor and work alongside humans, efficiently and effectively handling raw material and finished parts to increase worker safety and productivity.


The Load & Go is a cost-effective machine-tending solution, costing as low as $10/hr in a 40-hour workweek*. With that cost, you will have hired a team player who works well with others (so long as they give it the space it needs), a skilled machine operator who can load and unload machines until it runs out of parts, and a flexible worker that can handle a variety of different part sizes.

The Load & Go prides itself on being a quick learner – it requires no robot programming to operate. A great communicator, this system offers an easy-to-use user interface that lets your users set up and run new parts, displays alerts clearly and offers on-screen instructional videos for resolving any unforeseen issues. The Load & Go also enjoys staying in one place and repeating the same tasks for extended times, providing reliable automation for an entire shift, or even longer.


In its past work environments, the Load & Go has kept up with its workload and maintained multiple responsibilities. Those responsibilities include:

  • Massively increasing the utilization of its employer’s CNC machines
  • Working multiple shifts without needing to take breaks
  • Assisting biological colleagues with heavy lifting and repetitive motions, preventing fatigue and injury
  • Maintaining consistent efficiency throughout the shift
  • Loading and unloading CNC machines flawlessly, creating zero scrap due to mistakes


The Load & Go has had several employers in the past, each with glowing recommendations. Businesses such as B&B Gear and Machine Co. have saved time and money by implementing the Load & Go in their shops. For stories about the Load & Go and how machine tending automation improved other businesses’ manufacturing operations, check out our testimonial page.

If you’re looking to fill a missing machinist position and free up your machinists to focus on more human-friendly tasks, hire the Load & Go. As a permanent fixture in your operation, it will improve the productivity and safety of your employees, provide continuous automation of your CNC machine and increase your profit margin per part. Contact us today for a consultation to see which Load & Go product is a good fit for your operation.

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* The RC is less than $10 an hour - For estimating purposes only. Analysis based on the Load & Go RC-1 model over a 60-month lease term. One 8-hour work shift.
* The VBX is less than $15 an hour - For estimating purposes only. Analysis based on the Load & Go VBX-160 model estimated price of $120K over a 60-month lease term. One 8-hour work shift. OAC through ENGS Commercial Finance Co., partnered with Gosiger Machine Tools, Inc.